I recognize that my art is expressed as sentiment. It’s not a conscious act, and I am always surprised at what I see revealed in front of me sometimes within moments from when the brush first touches the canvas. Because I began painting at 52 as a form of personal therapy, my work seems to reveal over five decades of bottled up truths that when painted can no longer remain invisible to me. Nor can they be ignored.

The interesting thing about imagery is that it forces me to look where I previously dared not and then, to feel. And whatever answers I may have longed for are once and for all made visible. Or even perhaps, ever more questions. But whatever way, the truth of me is definitely revealed, piece by piece.

I sometimes wish that my paintings were more vibrant and less macabre. There are other sides to me than what has been exposed in these paintings. And while they are sometimes uncomfortable for me to look at, I know that it is important to see. To make peace? Perhaps. Peace by peace.